Viral TikTok shows girlfriend surprising boyfriend with cake for passing exam – but she can’t resist a cheeky prank

A TikToker wanted to set up a surprise for her boyfriend who was finding out the results of his bar exam – but, like all good content creators, she wanted to squeeze a cheeky prank in at the same time.

Kristina (@kristinaboyce_) decided to get two cakes from Great American Cookies with different messages written on them for each of the possible exam outcomes – pass or fail.

The good news is that Kristina’s boyfriend passed his exam – which gave her the perfect opportunity to execute her surprise/prank.

In a viral TikTok, Kristina is seen springing into action by fetching the appropriate cake to give her boyfriend, only she intentionally picks the one with the fail message on it. She then carries the box out as a surprise while filming the entire thing.

When the boyfriend opens the box, he is confused by what he sees. The message on the cake reads: “Screw the bar! Who wants to be an attorney anyways?”

Luckily, the boyfriend found it hilarious and, in the video, he can be heard laughing as he reads out the message.

Kristina can then be heard saying: “Oh sh*t!”

She then walks across her kitchen to pick up the other box – containing the cake with the congratulatory message – and places it on the table saying “sorry, here,” as her boyfriend continues to laugh.

The message on the second cake is much more suitable. It reads “CONGRATS Mr. Attorney!!” and adds “never doubted you for a second.”

At this point, both are in a fit of giggles as her boyfriend tell her: “You’re so lame.”

Kristina revealed the inspiration behind the funny prank in her TikTok caption, writing: “Oops, accidentally put out the wrong cake… *yes I stole this from the Sonic Movie*”.

The TikToker appears to be referring to a deleted scene from the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie where Thomas “Tom” Michael Wachowski (James Marsden) receives the news that he got into the San Francisco Police Department.

Tom’s wife Maddie then excitedly reveals a cake she got in advance to celebrate but she mistakenly picks up the cake she got him incase he didn’t get in. The camera shows the cake decorated with a police officer and the words “ACAB” iced at the bottom.

Since sharing her own take on the stunt, Kristina’s prank has been viewed 9.3m times, with 2m likes and thousands of comments from people who found the whole entertaining to watch.

One person wrote: “The fact that you spent money on two just to be funny is amazing.”

“I’m sorry this is the cutest, funniest thing,” another person said.

Someone else added: “And THIS is how you prank someone you love.”

“This is so wholesome and adorable,” a fourth person replied.

The best bit for us is that the couple now have double the amount cake between them – surely a win-win for everyone?


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