Viral video: Man walks with giant colourful snake rolled around him

A fascinating video shows a man and a beautiful rainbow snake named MyLove.

A video of a man with a giant snake coiled around him has emerged on social media. This video indeed leaves you intrigued. Instagram user and the founder of the Reptile Zoo, Jay Brewer, posted this video. According to the caption, Jay has named the snake as MyLove.

The video starts with Jay Brewer introducing the giant rainbow snake. With the help of two people, Jay Brewer carries the reptile inside a house. Following which he gently places it on a blindfolded man lying on the floor. The man feels the heavyweight of the snake and removes the blindfold, and gets up. The snake, too, coils around him. To know what will happen next, you should watch this video.

After being shared online, the video has garnered more than 885k views, and the numbers are increasing. Netizens also shared their opinions on the video. Take a look.



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