Viral video shows how traffickers use watermelons to conceal and transport drugs [WATCH]

Drug traffickers and small-time smugglers work within a wide network of transport and communication.

Their clandestine transactions are carried out with meticulous care and planning in order to avoid busts by drug enforcement agencies and the police.

Besides the fear of raids and busts from drug enforcers, delivery agencies and individuals face many other challenges while transferring consignments from one location to another.

Due to the risky nature of the business, smugglers and their heads often come up with innovative ways of hiding their products during transportation.

Such transportation techniques have been shown time and again in many documentaries and films. They don’t need a detailed explanation.

Now, a new and eye-opening technique employed by smugglers to conceal and transport drugs has gone viral. It involves the use of a popular tropic fruit.

A short clip shared on the Reddit page ‘Unexpected’ shows an officer cutting open a watermelon into two parts to reveal what is inside. As the fruit is cut open, it becomes clear that its juicy insides have been carved out to fit something inside.

The watermelon holds a peach-coloured plastic bag. When the officer cuts it open, he finds a large amount of marijuana inside it.

Watch it here:

The video goes on to show the officer recovering more drug-filled watermelons from the back of a truck. Towards the end, all watermelons are cut open and laid out on a road as the officers stand next to the smugglers.

The video has collected over 1.06 lakh upvotes after being shared on August 29.

Unsurprisingly, many Reddit users were both surprised and shocked by the technique used by the smugglers.

A user wrote, “I thought they had dead mice in them.”

“Maybe like the machine that fills bears with stuffing at Build A Bear. But filling watermelons with weed,” a Redditor quipped.

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