Viral Video: Watch 3-year-old Friends Reunite After Cancer Treatment


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“That was a blessing to only watch our youngsters be children,” Mack’s mother, Danielle Porter, told ABC News.

“During these scary and adversity ,” Payson’s mother Tracey Altice said. “No matter what, just look to the youngsters because they’ll lead the way.”

Needless to mention , the video has gone viral, racking up quite 1.7 lakh views and over 10,000 likes. Netizens were left emotional after watching the clip.

One user said, “Omg!! this is often making my heart feel things.” Another wrote, “This is completely adorable.”

A third user added, “Oh my heart!!! How sweet are they!” yet one more said, “These children are such an example of resilience, strength and love. Why can’t people unite and understand that we wear a mask during an epidemic for these brave fighting souls who are through such a lot .”

We aren’t crying, you’re crying!

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