Virgo weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 5


AUG 22 – SEPT 22

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This week, Venus shifts something in your heart

Maybe love has felt too much give, not enough take — but as Venus moves on, something shifts in your heart. 

And you can correct the balance, bring a big decision closer. 

If you’re single, a voice you recognise from TV or radio can be your love link. 

A personal new moon is the icing on your Virgo cake – bringing fresh ideas, energy, confidence and charm.

DESTINY DAYS: Wednesday and Thursday are great days to expand – your interests, your friendship circle, your working hours. 

A logo of a horse is lucky on Friday.  Sunday, leave some time just to sit back and breathe.

NEW MOON NEW YOU: Yes, the new moon is all about you – and not before time! 

You’ve waited months to feel this surge of energy and imagination – now you radiate attraction and action power that makes everyone around you sit up and take notice. 

So work offers can arrive in your inbox – and love offers that are such a surprise refresh your social life. You have a lot of choices to make, but instead of putting them off you jump right in. 

Mistakes matter less than movement, and you really sense you are on your way.

MYSTIC MOTTO: “Not one of my problems is without a solution”

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