Waffle House Employee Slammed For Having Baby In Kitchen Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Why


A viral TikTok showing a Waffle House employee carrying a baby on her hip while in the kitchen has ended up teaching people a valuable lesson about judging other people’s situations.

The woman in question was the target of much criticism after footage appeared to show her having brought her child to work with her, but now she’s come forward to clarify the truth.

Woman explains why she brought a baby into Waffle House kitchen (@kizzle360/TikTok)@kizzle360/TikTok

Tiffany Clark, who works at the South Carolina Waffle House branch, explained that though she herself is a mother of four, the child in the video wasn’t hers, but was in fact her four-month-old niece, Octavia.

In an interview with TMZ, she explained that Octavia’s father – her brother – had recently passed away, leaving her sister-in-law to raise the newborn as a single mother.

But during her overnight shift at the Waffle House, Clark suddenly received a heartbreaking call from Octavia’s grandmother, who explained that the mother was being hospitalised after suffering a crisis related to mental illness.

Clark couldn’t duck out of her shift, but with no one else available to look after Octavia, the alternative would have seen the child handed over to child services, risking the family losing custody of her.

As with a lot of viral footage on the internet, the incident wasn’t all that it seemed, with Clark explaining that she wasn’t cooking food while holding Octavia, and had only gone behind the counter for a brief moment to mark up some plates.

She’s since been suspended from her job for a week after Waffle House’s head office become aware of the situation, but thankfully she told TMZ she’s set to return to work, and is also hoping to become Octavia’s legal guardian while her mother receives the help she needs.


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