Wait, Blake Moynes’ MOM Wants To Join The Upcoming ‘Senior Bachelor’?
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Wait, Blake Moynes’ MOM Wants To Join The Upcoming ‘Senior Bachelor’?

As far as we know, ABC’s Bachelor spinoff featuring senior citizens is still a go. Tentatively titled Golden Years, the show would feature elderly contestants looking for love. And the show already has at least one possible contestant. Blake Moynes’ mom, Emily Moynes, expressed interest in joining. But there’s a catch. Keep reading to find out her condition for joining the spinoff. 

Emily Moynes Gives NSFW Gift to Katie Thurston 

Emily Moynes made quite the impression on her future daughter-in-law Katie Thurston. During hometown dates, Blake’s mom gave Katie a gift that was too hot for TV. The hilarious moment went viral on social media. What did Emily give Katie that made such an impression? 

A vibrator. 

As viewers know, Katie Thurston used the same gift to leave an impression on Matt James during Season 25 of The Bachelor. It didn’t work out with her and Matt, but it seems Katie has found a kindred spirit in her future mother-in-law. 

Blake Moynes’ mom Emily via Instagram

Blake Moynes’ Mom Would Join Senior Bachelor Spinoff 

One of the biggest complaints Bachelor Nation has about the franchise is the contestants are always so young. ABC seems to have heard the complaints loud and clear. Last year they announced plans for a senior citizen version of The Bachelor. The announcement came shortly before the pandemic shut everything down. However, it seems the spinoff is still on the table. 

Blake Moynes’ mom wants to throw her name into the contestant pool. She left a thirsty comment on an Instagram post about Tre Cooper’s uncle. 

After seeing a photo of Uncle Anthony, Emily Moyes wrote, “Make him senior bachelor and I’ll be his bachelorette.” Bachelor fan account @bachelornation.scoop shared a screengrab of the comment and tagged Blake to get his reaction. Katie Thurston’s fiance told his mom to “ask Tre first.” 

Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Wait, Who is THAT?! 

Why the sudden interest in Tre’s uncle, you ask? Tre is a contestant on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. During the premiere episode, he showed interest in Tahzjuan Hawkins. However, while chatting, she revealed that she once went on a date – and kissed – his uncle. 

Of course, fans of the show were curious what Tre’s uncle looked like, so Tre obliged and shared a photo. Meet Uncle Anthony: 

Fans of the show love the idea of Emily Moynes appearing on The Bachelor senior spinoff. They also want to see more of Tre’s uncle. Stay tuned for updates on whether anything sparks between Blake Moynes’ mom and Tre’s uncle. 

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