Wait, Did Amy Roloff Just Confirm TLC Is Filming Wedding?

Amy Roloff accepted Chris Marek’s marriage proposal back in 2019. The happy couple planned to get married in 2020, but the pandemic put those plans on hold. With the news that the wedding is on for August 28, 2021, LPBW fans are eager to know if the wedding will air on TLC. Amy Roloff finally reveals if a film crew is capturing her wedding or not. 

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Go Ahead With Wedding Despite Disagreements 

The step from an engagement to a marriage has one huge obstacle. Wedding planning. Many couples disagree over the smallest detail about their happy day. Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are no exception. However, most couples don’t have their disagreements filmed for all the world to see. 

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek via Instagram

Season 22 of Little People, Big World featured all aspects of the wedding planning. The sweet moment when Amy showed her grandson, Jackson, how to walk down the aisle with the rings. The not-so-sweet moment Chris and Amy disagreed over wedding party favors. 

Matt Roloff came to the rescue when his ex-wife had trouble finding a venue. 

However, all of those disagreements were seemingly resolved. Chris and Amy are going full-speed ahead with their nuptials on Saturday, August 28. One uncertainty is if Amy’s dad will be well enough to attend. 

Friends and Family Gather for Bridal Shower 

There have been reports of tension among the Roloff family, particularly sisters-in-law Tori and Audrey Roloff. However, Tori, Audrey, and Isabel all attended the bridal shower for their mother-in-law. In fact, there is speculation that Isabel may be the one holding the family together amid a rumored feud. 

Traditionally, the groom doesn’t attend the bridal shower. However, the hosts of Amy’s party found a loophole. There’s no rule saying Chris Marek’s cardboard cutout likeness couldn’t attend. See the photo Amy shared on her Instagram of the gathering for her bridal shower. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

Did Amy Roloff Just Confirm TLC IS Filming Her Upcoming Wedding??  

Season 22 of LPBW finished airing in early August. Amy’s wedding is at the end of August. Whether the TLC film crew would capture the wedding has been a question fans have been asking for months. 

Fans seem to finally have their answer. Amy Roloff posted a photo to her Instagram Stories of some of her girl friends ahead of her wedding. She revealed that they were having her “last BACHELORETTE outing” before the wedding. Amy also dropped a huge hint that her wedding will appear on TLC. She shared that she and her friends were enjoying their time on the beach “while filming.” 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

She reposted another photo from the outing on her main feed. The comment section was flooded with questions about whether the wedding will air on TLC. According to two fans, Amy and one of her friends both confirmed on an Instagram Live that TLC is filming the wedding for a special. According to Amy, viewers will see her wedding on TV in about six months. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

There you have it, straight from Amy. Little People, Big World viewers will get front-row seats to her wedding to Chris Marek. 

Will you tune in to Amy Roloff’s wedding special? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Bookmark TV Shows Ace so you don’t miss any updates on the Roloff family. 

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