Wait, Does Jim Bob Duggar LIE About His Height?!

With all of the controversy surrounding the Josh Duggar scandal, this next speculation may seem comical. According to a thread on Reddit, people are sharing bits of information that may lead people to believe that Jim Bob Duggar lies about his height. Keep reading to find out if Jim Bob Duggar lies about his height.

Jim Bob Duggar was spotted in public, Redditer underwhelmed by his presence

All of this talk about Jim Bob Duggar’s height came up after some posted a picture of him on Reddit. The caption reads, “Ran into [Jim Bob] at the [Naturals] game last night. He’s a lot shorter than I expected.” The original poster is quick to add some context in the thread. The poster acknowledges that there are typos, but also explains that the Arkansas Naturals are a Minor League Baseball team in Springdale, Arkansas.

This particular Reddit thread discusses a lot of things about the Duggars. For starters, one comment explains that “sports stadiums and games used to be prohibited by Bill Gothard/IBLP.” The commenter goes on to explain that “Sports were considered idols, broke the Sabbath (yes, that’s the word they used), sold alcohol, and encourages promiscuity (aka they didn’t like the cheerleader’s uniforms).”

Instagram The Duggar Family

After that, a chunk of the conversation focuses on whose bare-footed child is seen in the photograph. While some people think it’s Josie, there is an alarming number of comments that are confident that it is Meredith, Josh, and Anna’s daughter.

The snark group focuses on the former TLC star’s physical appearance.

Then, the topic of conversation steers back to Jim Bob’s physical appearance. There are a few comments back and forth on whether or not the father of 19 dyes his hair. After that, they resume with the height conversation. The internet says that Jim Bob is 5’10” or 5’11”. However, the person that saw Jim Bob at the baseball game shares his perception of Jim Bob. Based on what the original poster says, it is likely that the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch is significantly shorter than what the internet says. The original poster shares that he is 6’1″ “and about a full head taller by my estimate.”

Do you think Jim Bob has reason to lie about his height? See the photo for yourself here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.


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