Wait, Does Savannah Chrisley Have A Scar On Her Belly?!

Savannah Chrisley’s recent Instagram post has some fans wondering if she has a scar on her belly. More importantly, some fans are wondering — if it is a scar on her belly — where did she get it? What photo is it that has fans thinking she might have a scar on her belly? And, what theories do fans have about what is really in the photo? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Savannah Chrisley posted a sizzling hot pink bikini snap

Todd Chrisley’s daughter posted a photo of herself enjoying her vacation while rocking a hot pink bikini. Savannah had previously revealed on her Instagram Stories she had picked up this particular style of bikini in several different colors to wear during her vacation.

Seductive Savannah Chrisley Shares Titillating Hot Pink Bikini Snapshot

In the photo, Savannah was sitting on some sort of wife surface that was just under the crystal clear water. She had her head tossed back as she flaunted a HUGE open-mouthed grin. She was rocking some gorgeous shades to protect her eyes from the UV rays. The vibrant pink color of her bikini paired with her sunkissed complexion.

“Life’s a beach…so you don’t have to be,” Savannah penned in her caption. As those who follow the Chrisleys on social media know, Chase as well Savannah’s boyfriend Nic are also enjoying the same vacation. As we previously reported, Chase Chrisley took to his own Instagram Stories to note it was a “much-needed” vacation.

Is that a scar on her belly?

In the comments, one fan called attention to the bottom of Savannah’s belly right near her bikini line. They questioned if she had some sort of scar on her belly. More specifically, they asked where Savannah might have gotten the scar — assuming it was a scar. Chrisley Knows Best fans were happy to chime in on theories regarding where the scar came from.

“She has had a bunch of surgeries for endometriosis and a cyst removed.” One fan chimed in.

Savannah Scar Belly

Others, however, pointed out it wasn’t even a scar. It was just the surface of the water breaking against her incredible abs. Another fan chimed in to agree “look at her legs” before adding it was just a water line across her waist hitting the bottom of her stomach.

Do you think that is a scar on her belly in the photo? Or, do you agree with fans that say the photo is just a weird capture of the water hitting her stomach? Share your thoughts on this Instagram of Savannah Chrisley in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Todd Chrisley’s family.

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