Wait, Is Kendra Duggar Expecting Baby Number Four Already?!

Former TLC stars Joe and Kendra Duggar seem to be enjoying life with their three young kids. But now, fans are wondering if she could already be pregnant with their fourth baby.

Counting On fans know that Joe and Kendra have had their children close in age so far. The couple tied the knot on September 8, 2017. Then, less than a year later, their son Garrett David was born on June 8, 2018, so he just turned three years old. Their first daughter, Addison Renee, was born on November 2, 2019. Then, their third baby, Brooklyn Praise, joined the family on February 19, 2021.

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram
Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Kendra Duggar pregnant again?

On Wednesday, August 11, Kendra celebrated her 23rd birthday, but things were pretty quiet on social media. She received just one public birthday wish, which is odd for the Duggar family. Nonetheless, the birthday post isn’t as important as the family’s followers’ reactions to it.

On the Duggar family’s Instagram page, they shared a story post acknowledging Kendra’s birthday. They wrote, “Happy birthday, Kendra!! You are sunshine every day!” The picture the family shared is a professional photo Joe and Kendra had taken.

Duggar Family Instagram

This photo was reposted on Reddit and Instagram, and Duggar fans and critics mentioned their first impressions of the post. Many of them thought it might be a pregnancy announcement because of how Joe and Kendra are standing. Plus, Joe is wearing a blue-gray shirt and Kendra is wearing a pink dress. So, that could be a hint they are expecting.

On Reddit, one Duggar family follower wrote, “When I saw this I thought it was ANOTHER pregnancy announcement.” Others chime in and say they thought the same thing when they saw the photo.

So, are Kendra and Joe expecting their fourth baby? There’s no way to know for sure, but they have not recently announced she’s pregnant. So, if she is, she’s not very far along and hasn’t shared the news publicly.

The picture the Duggars posted is not actually a pregnancy announcement. The photo appears to have been taken when Joe and Kendra had their pregnancy announcement shoot about a year ago. Here’s another photo from the same session.

Joe & Kendra Duggar Instagram

So, do you think Joe and Kendra Duggar will be adding to their family again soon? Or do you think they’ll wait a little while before having another baby? Let us know your guesses in the comments below.

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