Wait What? Katie Thurston Reveals Blake Moynes Real Name

Everyone knows there’s a short amount of time to get to know each other while dating on The Bachelorette. Katie Thurston just revealed a fun fact about her fiance that sounds like she didn’t know before their engagement. Apparently, Blake is not his actual legal first name. Wow! So, what is Blake’s real first name? Keep reading to find out.

Katie Thurston reveals Blake Moynes legal first name

In an Instagram post shared by BacheloretteWindmill Katie is answering a question and actually reveals Blake’s legal first name. So, if his name isn’t Blake, what is it? Katie revealed on this message that Blake’s legal first name is Jonathan. Is anyone else shocked?

No doubt they are learning more and more about each other as time goes on. In fact, Katie is counting down the days, minutes, and hours until she sees Blake again. Yesterday, she shared a picture of Blake pouring a glass of champagne. She had the song “Just You and I” by Tom Walker playing. At the bottom of her picture, she had a countdown. It said, “counting down until I’m with this bear.” The countdown at that time was 9 days, 11 hours, and 45 minutes.

Katie has addressed their long-distance engagement

Yahoo! shared what Katie has said about her Blake navigating their long-distance relationship. Katie said, “I don’t think people fully understand what it’s like to date someone from another country and the rules behind that and the visas behind that.” She continued, “I think right now, Blake can only be here for 60 days before having to go back to Canada, so we really do have a lot we have to look into — and we just haven’t yet — before we can plan really anything else.”

Katie also asked her fans for some advice. She said, “But I am curious, if you are dating somebody from another country — whether Canadian to U.S., U.S. to Canadian — I would love to know your experiences with that, in terms of all that fun legal stuff that we are holding off on.”

As for Blake, it seems he’s open to many things as long as Katie is part of the picture. He previously said, “We’re going to travel around a bit in Canada first. And then we’re going to check out San Diego for a potential move. It’s about getting our roots in. And we’re playing around with options.”

Fans just hope these two can make it work. They seem rather perfect for one another.

What do you think about Blake’s real legal first name?

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