Wait, WHAT? Matt Roloff Banishes Amy’s Wedding To Creaky Old Barn?!

Little People, Big World fans have been praising Matt Roloff for his kindness and generosity toward his ex-wife. But now fans are wondering if they were giving the reality star too much credit after he revealed what he’s really been up to. Keep reading and we’ll explain. 

Amy Roloff’s Wedding Prep Begins 

Amy Roloff’s wedding is happening over the last weekend of August. She will marry Chris Marek on August 28 at Roloff Farms. Her daughter-in-law Isabel Roloff shared a video clip of some of the wedding prep completed. 

The short video shows a collection of photos of Amy and Chris. Click here to watch the wholesome video. 

Matt Roloff Praised For Showing Amy Kindness 

Roloff Farms wasn’t Amy’s first choice of venues, but it was her only option after she couldn’t find availability elsewhere. The farm holds a lot of memories of her past marriage, so Amy was reluctant to start her new one there. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

The LPBW star sold her shares of the property to her ex-husband in 2019. Despite full ownership, Matt Roloff offered to host the wedding on his property. Fans were shocked when he began construction on a new building mere months before Amy’s summer wedding. However, the structure appears to be done in the nick of time, despite a few setbacks. 

Many people, including us, believed the new structure would hold Amy’s wedding guests and ceremony. Matt Roloff’s followers have been praising him for not only allowing Amy to hold her wedding on his property, but for constructing an entire new building just for the wedding. 

But is that really what he did? 

Did Fans Get It Wrong? Did Matt Banish Amy’s Wedding To Creaky Old Barn?! 

Days before Amy Roloff’s wedding, her ex-husband shared photos of the completed building. He posted the photos on his Instagram, giving the companies who helped a shoutout. One fan noted that the last picture Matt shared was a beautiful shot. It showed the new building next to another, older barn.

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Matt Roloff dropped a shocking detail in his reply to the fan. The new structure isn’t for Amy’s wedding at all. The older, but bigger, structure is where the wedding will take place. 

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

So, what does Matt Roloff plan to do with the new structure? Some fans have been wondering if it was the new house he’s building with girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Others thought it was just another barn for the farm. 

However, it turns out that neither of those is correct. The new building is a garage for Matt’s personal use. He plans to eventually build his new house near the new garage. He does have a temporary use for it, however. Matt revealed that it will serve as the groom’s quarters for the wedding. 

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Did you know that Matt Roloff was banishing Amy to the old, creaky barn and not the brand new structure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Bookmark TV Shows Ace so you don’t miss any news about the Roloffs or Amy’s wedding. 

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