Waitress shares horrifying note left by ‘creepy’ customer alongside £750 tip

People on Reddit have been left horrified after reading a ‘creepy’ note left for a waitress on a receipt, alongside a hefty tip worth seven times the amount of the bill

The note left people on Reddit horrified

It’s not uncommon to hear of customers trying their luck with waiting staff by writing their numbers on the receipt, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s harmless.

That being said, people have been left horrified after reading the note one ‘creepy’ customer left on a bill, after dropping a hefty tip worth more than seven times the amount of the food bill itself.

The waitress had given the customer a bill which amounted to $128.89 (£93.45), but was no doubt left shocked when she discovered he’d added a $1,000 (£725) tip on top of it – but that’s not the most surprising part.

The customer left a hefty tip



It seems as though the customer, who referred to himself as ‘the Master’ on the bill, took a liking to the waitress, leaving a disturbing, and quite frankly completely inappropriate, note.

“Beautiful nipples princess, call me,” he wrote, alongside his phone number. Yep, we told you it was creepy.

A photo of the receipt was later shared to Reddit, where people couldn’t quite believe someone would actually leave such a disturbing note.

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“I would feel so grimy receiving this message,” one wrote, while another responded: “Poor girl. This makes me want to die. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, others suggested that the so-called tip was just a gimmick, and suggested that whichever credit card company he used to make the payment would not actually allow him to leave a tip larger than the bill itself.

“Total piece of s***, has probably done this in the past knowing the credit card system will deny the amount since it is higher then the bill, and they can’t put a lower amount because they have to put what is on the receipt,” one person commented.

“So he basically acted like a big spender, treated the server like s*** and got out of what should have been at least a $20 tip.”

Another suggested: “I note, with interest, that the pic doesn’t include the bottom of the receipt. Dollars to donuts this was the ‘customer copy’ and the ‘merchant copy’ says something entirely different.”

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any worse…

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