Walk Ball Is the TikTok Version of Football Minus the Exercise

The 1998 film BASEketball, created by the makers of South Park, featured an interesting premise: Two friends who enjoy the act of shooting basketballs but not the athletic business of running around and working up a sweat end up creating a major sport that blends rules from both basketball and baseball to create a new past time for “Average Joes” to fall in love with.

Is walk ball similar to that? Well, it doesn’t seem like a couple of award-winning writers and creators are going to make a walk ball flick anytime, soon, but there are tons of people on TikTok who appear to be enjoying the laid-back game.

And honestly, it could also have an interesting impact on the play-making skills of those who are prospective pigskin athletes.

In music theory, there’s a saying: “if you can play it slow, you can play it fast.” Perhaps by breaking down the plays to walking speed, football players can really better understand the dynamics of the strategies they’re trying to implement.

They can then gradually increase the speed at which they play the game and can thus blow the competition away with their combination of athletic skill and mental acuity.


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