Walker episode 18 (finale) sneak peek: Can Walker get justice?

WalkerTonight on The CW Walker episode 18 is going to be here, and we hope you’re prepared for a heck of an emotional hour. This could be when we finally get some answers pertaining to Emily’s death, but things are going to get very intense before we get there.

Take, for example, the sneak peek below, one that is very much geared around Stan as a central figure in all of this. What did he do exactly? Walker has him at gunpoint for a reason, and at this point he’s blaming him for everything. He thinks that he forced a confession on Emily’s murder. There are some denials that come after the fact, but will Walker really buy into much of this?

Within this finale we do hope we get answers — Emily’s death is a huge driving force for Walker, but we’re concerned that the story will lose some of its steam if it drags on forever. It feels like now is the perfect time to get a little bit more closure on this and start to look more towards whatever the future of the show could look like. While we obviously know that Jared Padalecki will continue to be front and center for everything coming up, there is still one main question to ask.

What is it? Think of it as something in this vein: How far is he going to go in order to get justice? Will he compromise his own career in the process? We don’t know how you can watch the preview below and be anything other than worried right now.

We’re prepared for tears; we’re also somewhat prepared for a cliffhanger, given that The CW is a network that does love to do this sort of thing.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to Walker episode 18?

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