Wanna Spice up relationship: Never Let Your Wife Throw Darts

Holiday Surprise Gone Wrong

After spending months stuck at home due to Covid-19 lockdown, a man decided to surprise his wife with a holiday trip to spice up their relationship. In an attempt to reveal this news to her, the husband bought a world map and a dart on his way back home from work.

Upon reaching home, he pasted the world map in a space he found in the kitchen wall. Then, hoping to surprise his wife, he handed her one of the darts and brought her to the kitchen, saying, “Wherever you throw dart is where we would go for our honeymoon after the Covid-19 pandemic ended”.

Excited, the husband urged her to throw the dart only to find out his wife saying, “Guess our holiday destination after the pandemic would be behind the fridge.”

How Business Trips Can Ruin A Marriage

A newlywed couple had just got over their honeymoon phase and are slowly adjusting to life together. Then, one weekend, the husband leaves town on a sudden business trip leaving his wife at home alone and frustrated.

As the day ends after a tiresome business meeting with a client, the husband jumps onto his bed, excited to text his wife. Instead, after a short convo, the husband messaged his wife, saying that she is negative.

Fuming with rage, she begins ranting at how unkind, selfish, idiotic, and useless he was. She even started calling him names and brought up previous fights from the past, using every arsenal she had at her disposal. Finally, the wife almost crossed the line when she started accusing him of having an affair to be the reason for his behavior.

Finally finding some space to squeeze in a message, the husband types and sends, “I was actually trying to let you know that your Covid test report came back negative.”

The Glove Compartment 

After a couple of months, two best friends resume their usual routine of meeting at the gym for workout sessions. After working out, they went to the locker room to get refreshed and change.

While changing, one of the friends noticed that the other was wearing women’s underwear. Unable to hide the embarrassment, the friend asked him about this unusual behavior and the reason behind the unorthodox sense of fashion.

Calmly the friend who was wearing women’s underwear said, “Ever since my wife found them in the glove compartment.”

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