Want to Get On ‘Family Game Fight’? You Gotta Go Through Ellen

There’s something undeniably cool, classic Americana about a game show. The chance to get on TV, share a little bit about yourself, and maybe even make some money or win cool prizes in the process is a neat little prospect and the stuff local newspaper dream stories are made of.

How to get on ‘Family Game Fight’ with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity couples. Their candid sense of humor and ability to branch out to different mediums that aren’t just strict acting roles, like their Hello Bello company, is super impressive. They’ve also expanded into having their own NBC game show, Family Game Fight that pits different family teams against one another.

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taste buds dax kristen ellen

NBC bills the program as a “game show that tests brains, brawn, and family bonds.” So where the show’s concept originate? Well, it was inspired by the amazing time they had on The Ellen Show during a “Taste Buds” segment where they hilariously participated in a blind-folded food taste test.

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If you haven’t seen it, it’s just delightful. Check it out below to have an idea of the kind of wonderful chaos you and your family will be getting yourselves into before you apply.

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The show’s further described as: “This power couple isn’t just hosting – they’re getting in on the action as competitors! In each episode, they’ll part ways and be “adopted” into a family of four as they compete in a series of insanely fun games with $100,000 up for grabs!”

That’s right, so your family of four will either be paired with Dax or Kristen when you get on the show.

And “family” is a pretty loose term, as Ellen Tube puts it: “We’re now casting teams of four and looking for all combinations of families, friends, and co-workers! Are you super competitive on game nights? Do you visit the carnival and wish the games were supersized? Do your family and friends enjoy silly games, wacky puzzles, and big, fun challenges? Now is your time to shine!”

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“OK! So how do I get on ‘Family Game Fight’?”

You’re going to need to head on over to Ellen‘s application page and submit your personal story as to why you should get on the show. Click here to get the application process started. On the Ellen Tube site, there’s a mention of sharing your “story” with the production team, but how you share that story is a pretty involved process.

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family game fight application

Source: Venterainment

After taking a look at the application, it appears there’s a solid 32 separate application fields that you’re going to need to follow. Most of the questions can be answered fairly quickly, but you may want to dedicate a little chunk of time to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Most of the information has to do with your availability dates for shooting, any potential conflicts, and you’ll also need to provide a photo of yourself as well as descriptions of the three other members of your team you’re planning on bringing on the show.

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Source: Ventertainment

So are you going to apply? If you are, godspeed, good luck, and make sure you have fun!

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