Warning hackers could disable your brakes while driving and change your GPS address

DRIVERS have been warned hackers are able to disable your brakes while driving and change your GPS address.

According to experts modern day cars are vulnerable to viruses in the same way any computer would be.


Modern day cars are vulnerable to viruses in the same way any computer would beCredit: Getty

And while drivers push the brake pedal it is really “microprocessors in your onboard computer that really make them work,” Defensive Driving reports.

But there ways to help prevent a hack.


Experts say you should only use shops and mechanics you trust.

They also say drivers should keep an eye on any product recalls and keep their systems up to date.

Motorists should also avoid installing outside software and switch off the car’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when it is not in use.

They should also think about installing anti virus software, rd.com reports.

Other protections against further hacks include not leaving any passwords in your car and using traditional anti theft devices on a steering wheel.

Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy.com said: “In 2015, it was revealed that a Jeep Cherokee could be hacked remotely to mess with its settings.”

The hack was discovered as part of research and not in a real world setting.


But Walsh added: “The security researchers also found zero-day exploits that allowed them to paralyze the steering wheel while the car was in motion, disable the car’s brakes, and even cause unintended acceleration.

“These are very serious dangers that open drivers up to a very serious potential threat to their life.”

“As more smart cars hit the roads, the potential for these kinds of attacks is going to grow,” Walsh warns.

He is pushing for the smart cars to have a black box.


Other ways your car can be hacked include changing you GPS address.

To protect themselves drivers should avoid setting their home address into the system.

Hackers can also change the temperature controls and windshield wipers.

Experts suggest they can also force a car to accelerate.

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