Warning issued from dentist to parents about over feeding bread to their kids

Doctor Mahsa Shoaei, a dentist for over 18 years, shared what particular food she avoids giving kids for oral health, including bread and dried fruit.

Children are often big fans of all things bad for their health like sweets, fries, and other junk food, such that they neglect their other sources of nutrition.

However, beyond the apparent unhealthy snacks, other food are bad for children’s oral health. Doctor Mahsa Shoaei shared some of these and explained why they are not suitable for kids.

A child holding a slice of bread on the table.


According to Shoaei, bread is loaded with starch, which can convert to simple sugar and lead to a person’s tooth decay.

However, if a child is equipped with good oral hygiene, they can consume bread in moderation without dealing with tooth problems.

A batch of freshly baked bread. | Source: Pixabay

A batch of freshly baked bread.


Although pretzels are fun to snack on, especially while watching movies, Shoaei does not approve of them either because of the sticky carbohydrate they leave on the teeth that stick to the enamel. Such can cause cavities and dental issues.

It may cause a child pain and difficulty when chewing.

Pretzels sprinkled with salt. | Source: Pixabay

Pretzels sprinkled with salt.


Both gummy candies and gummy multivitamins are not recommended for children. The sweets are full of sugar and will likely stick to a child’s tooth, making it difficult to clean.

The sour ones are particularly unhealthy because of the acidity, sugar, and sticky elements they have. Similarly, gummy multivitamins are also made of sugar in the form of glucose syrup and sucrose, having a similar effect.

Several kinds of gummy candy for sale. | Source: Pixabay

Several kinds of gummy candy for sale.


Surprisingly, too many citrus fruits may also harm oral hygiene when consumed excessively. The dentist shared:

“Citrus fruits are very acidic, but if you rinse with water and brush your teeth after consuming, it can lower the risk of cavity.”


Although a fruit, dried fruit has other additives that make them sticky, like a chewy candy. Such snacks can stick to a child’s enamel and lead to bacteria.

Peeled oranges on a table. | Source: Pixabay

Peeled oranges on a table.


Shoaei also suggests not giving fruit drinks and sports drinks to children as they are full of sugar and acidic, which can cause tooth decay.

She further elaborated that the sugar-free versions are not advisable for children either as they are full of artificial sugar, which is also acidic.

A can of Redbull on top of a table. | Source: Pixabay

A can of Redbull on top of a table.


Although a favorite of both kids and adults, french fries or chips should not be given to kids as much as well. Aside from their low nutritional value, she added:

“The starch in them harms the teeth. In the mouth, it breaks down into simple sugars. It gets stuck between the teeth and can cause tooth decay.”

Having tooth decay or cavities is far more than just an oral health issue. It may cause a child pain and difficulty when chewing.

Further, it can lower a child’s self-esteem and make them embarrassed to talk to others or smile. Tooth decay may even happen to infants whose bottles are left inside the mouth when asleep.

Recently, dentist Anna Peterson went on TikTok to share advice on how people can protect their teeth. One of her helpful tips is to brush in the morning before eating breakfast.

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