Was ‘AHS’ Season 10 Inspired by ‘The Shining’? There Are a Few Similarities

There’s no doubt that Red Tide in AHS Season 10 has similarities to The Shining. A struggling writer? Check. A wife and kid who become the subject of said writer’s reign of terror? Check again. Creepy outside forces that threaten to make viewers question everything? Another big check.

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has shown an affinity for The Shining before.

In 2015, he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about comparisons between Season 4 of AHS, subtitled Hotel, and The Shining. On a tour of the set, he explained that the carpeting in the hotel set wasn’t a rip-off of The Shining, but instead “a loving homage.”

Could it be that Red Tide in AHS: Double Feature is also a love letter to the movie?

Ryan hasn’t said as much, but Finn’s admissions of his own comparisons definitely make sense.

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