Was Christian Birkenberger evicted before jury?

Christian Big BrotherTonight’s Big Brother 23 eviction show looked to have some drama around it. Would Christian Birkenberger go home?

Leading into the episode, all signs pointed towards Derek X. being able to pull off a successful backdoor of Christian from the game. He got him on the block, and then was able to secure the votes to send him packing. Yet, Christian fought hard for the past several days, and even just yesterday Tiffany was strongly considering trying to flip the house. There was even a tiny chance something happened last-minute after feeds went down. Christian’s a huge physical threat, but he could also be a shield for a lot of people in the game. Sarah Beth is also a threat to a lot of people in the game, especially Tiffany since she’s a number for Kyland.

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Of course, for Christian the crummy thing is that this is likely the last eviction before jury. With that in mind, he’ll be stuck away from Alyssa for the rest of the summer.

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Were you rooting for Christian Birkenberger on Big Brother 23?

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