Watch a driver takes ‘150-point turn’ rather than reversing out of space

A New Zealand driver made her life tough as she took her car out of a shopping center parking space. Yes, the woman took almost four minutes to take out from the parking space by turning around, moving forward and reverse, rather than taking her car backward and driving off.

The video was recorded by Mark Barnes, who was buying a milkshake with his son spotted this “genius” driver. The video shows a woman driving a Toyota Previa MPV, almost scraped against the trolley bay next to it as she tried but failed to reverse straight out.

Instead of taking a straight reverse, the woman determined to perform a never-ending series of mini turns to exit the parking space.

After being shared online, the video has gone crazy viral on various digital media platforms and accumulated over 2 lakh views. Netizens are not able to decide whether the driver was inexperienced or genius. Take a look.

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