Watch a lizard get brought back to life with CPR

Nature truly is healing…with the help of some human intervention (which kind of feels like a first). But really, VICE’s Max Daly (who identifies as a Global ‘Lizards’ Editor in his bio, albeit in jest) shared an encouraging clip of a lizard being brought back to life by his brother, Carlos Daly… which also feels like a first?

“My brother found a dead lizard at the bottom of a swimming pool and gave it CPR,” he tweeted alongside the captivating clip, which has since accrued over 1.4 thousand views. In the video, Carlos can be seen pressing repeatedly on the little lizard’s belly, as the videographer — his teenage daughter — covers her mouth in shock, fear, and/or awe at what is currently happening.

“Oh my god! Look, his little hand is like, flipping,” his daughters are heard saying as their kind-hearted human of a father tends to the seemingly lifeless creature.

Carlos’ daughter Lucia later told VICE that the experience “was disturbing.”

In a follow up tweet, Max explained that his brother has “form with this kind of thing,” writing: “Few years back he saved a chaffinch chick whose mum had died by feeding it with a pipette and taught it to fly.”

As for what inspired Carlos – who is a tree surgeon in England – to save the lizard, he explained that “it looked hapless lying there,” and he’d “seen someone on TV give a squirrel mini heart compressions” so he figured he’d give it a try.

Carlos’ daughter said the experience was ‘disturbing’

(Credit: Narcomania/Twitter)

“After the first round of compressions its mouth opened as if it was taking a breath,” he recalled. “Then after the second round of CPR we left it to warm up in the sun and about 45 minutes later it scuttled off and lay on a wall.”

“I think giving lizards CPR is a good thing, more people should try it,” he concluded. “If the pool had not had been there it would not have needed rescuing.”

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