WATCH: Anti-Masker Yells ‘1776!’ at Woman on Subway [VIDEO]


The video is circulating on Twitter and other social media sites.

An “anti-masker” on a New York City subway was seen yelling “1776!” at a woman after she said that she wished he would be fined for not wearing a mask. At one point, the man leaned in close to her and she could be heard saying that she was scared. You can see the video and learn more below.

The Man Leaned in Close as the Woman Said She Was Scared

The video reportedly took place on Sunday on a subway in in New York City, according to tweets and social media posts that are circulating online. You can see a video with captions below or here.

The woman on the video can be seen saying to the man, “I wish the police would come and give you a $50 fine.” Then he can be seen leaning in close to her while she says, “I’m so afraid!”

He steps back as she can be heard saying, “Please get away from me, sir.”

The video then cuts and returns to show him chanting “1776!” at her as she stands up and says something that is hard to understand. He says what sounds like “take a seat” and she sits back down while someone else can be heard saying, “Respect your elders.”

He responds: “I respect freedom.”

The video cuts again to what appears to be the person filming him saying, “He’s disrespecting an elderly…”

He responds to the camera and says, “You know what I respect? I respect freedom. What do you respect? What do you respect?”

Then he tells the person filming him, “Take a seat. Sit down. Sit the f*** down. That’s right.”

When the video ends, he can be seen staring at the person filming.

Here’s another video without the captions.

One person shared a closeup photo of the man from the video:

CarMax Issued a Statement Saying the Man Had Not Been Employed with the Company Since May 2021

A number of people online believed they identified the man as a former employee of CarMax named Ryan Bartels and tagged CarMax in videos, asking for a statement. CarMax issued a statement at first saying he was not employed by them, but later confirmed that he had been employed by them. CarMax did not list him by name in their statement, but confirmed the person in the video had been an employee.

The company wrote on Twitter: “We’ve been made aware of a concerning video. This individual does not work for our company. At CarMax, we value treating everyone with respect and this behavior does not represent our values.”

Someone replied that they called their headquarters and were told the man was not in the office that day. Others replied that they found LinkedIn and job sites with the man’s name.

Later, CarMax confirmed the individual in the video had worked for their company, but not since May 2021.

CarMax wrote: “UPDATED: We’ve been made aware of a concerning video. This individual has not worked for our company since May 2021. At CarMax, we value treating everyone with respect and this behavior does not represent our values.”

He Was Later Seen at a Republican Rally

Sometime after the video was taken, the same man was seen at a Republican Rally in New York City.

The photos showed the same man, wearing the same shirt, accompanied by another man who seen with him in the subway video.

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