WATCH: At Sister’s Funeral, Grieving Woman Calls Out ‘Fake’ Friends

Photo: Getty Images

You never know who might show up to a funeral – from long lost friends of the deceased to people they might have just had a passing conversation with. Well one woman was less than thrilled with someone she saw at her sister’s funeral, and she made her feelings known as she eulogized her sibling, then she posted video of the incident on TikTok.

Her name is Jasmine and the video she shared shows her at an altar, where she likely was giving a speech about her late sister, Ariyanna, who tragically died in a car accident. At one point, Jasmine stops to address a woman in the audience who she calls a “fake b***h.” She goes on to say, “[Ariyanna] didn’t even like you. You owe her money and I didn’t even see you donate to my sister’s funeral, so you’re automatically disqualified. You can leave the room. Yeah. Bye. Bye. Don’t be all surprised now.”

The text on the video reads, “When fake people show up to my sister’s funeral,” and the caption says, “I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis. Fly high.”

WARNING: There is some strong language in the video.

@jazzklassykushcoI hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis . Fly high 🕊 #restinpeace #forever18 #AEJeansHaveFun♬ you need to leave – m<333

Commenters were pretty split on what they watched, with many praising Jasmine for what she said. One commenter wrote, “My siblings better come like this for me,” while another said, “Your sister probably would’ve wanted you to say that,” and a third stated, “We need to normalize calling people out because all of a sudden when you’re dead, everyone was your best friend.” Someone else added, “If someone doesn’t do this for me at my funeral I’m gonna have to haunt some people.”

Others called Jasmine’s behavior “disrespectful,” “tacky and embarrassing,” with one person noting, “Not the time and place smh.” Some even think it was staged, writing, “This is an empty room,” and, “The audience sounds like it’s dubbed in.”

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