Watch Gibbs scene from season premiere right after boat explosion

Gibbs returns for NCIS Season 19 without his boat. Pic credit: CBS

An NCIS sneak peek for the Season 19 premiere features Gibbs in it. The scene shared below takes place right after the boat explosion that we saw in the Season 18 finale.

The new season of NCIS debuts on Monday, September 20, at 9/8c on CBS. This will mark the 19th season of the hit drama.

There have been a lot of rumors about how Mark Harmon will only appear in a few episodes this fall, but we definitely get to see him in the season premiere.

As the synopsis for Season 19, Episode 1 of NCIS indicates, Gibbs’ team is on the hunt for him after they learn that his boat has been destroyed.

NCIS sneak peek featuring Gibbs after boat exploation

The scene that has been shared below appears to pick up moments after Gibbs’ boat has exploded. It might even be the first scene that NCIS fans see when tuning in to the Fall 2021 premiere.

More information on NCIS Season 19

The NCIS season premiere marks a lot of changes for the CBS drama. NCIS fans have to tune in on a new night for episodes (Mondays), there are some significant changes to the NCIS cast, and we could be in the stretch run when it comes to the series.

Jessica Knight is back as a full-time character after she was seen in the final two episodes of Season 18. She will play an important role in the show as it moves forward and she will likely get a lot of the screentime that used to go to Agent Ellie Bishop.

For any NCIS fans who weren’t aware of it yet, Agent Ellie Bishop is gone from the show. The actress who played her, Emily Wickersham, recently revealed that she is pregnant, as well.

We won’t see Jack Sloane (played by Maria Bello) back on the show either, as she is off working on missions of her own.

Another new person that we will see a lot of is actor Gary Cole as a new FBI agent on the show. He will likely have a big presence on the show and Cole also popped up in the teaser trailer for NCIS Season 19.

Make sure to tune in for the premiere at a new time, as episodes of NCIS are debuting an hour later than before. New content arrives at 9/8c each Monday night and it will then lead into the first season episodes of NCIS: Hawaii.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.


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