Watch how astronauts keep their hair clean in space

A NASA astronaut Megan McArthur shared an exciting video demonstrating how astronauts keep their hair clean while in space.

Because of the microgravity presence in space, any water splattered on the head is bound to spread everywhere,  so astronauts use an unusual method to wash their hair.

McArthur applies a little water to the hair in the video, keeping her towel handy to avoid the water escape anywhere. She also uses a comb to spread the water in her hair.

Following which McArthur utilizes the no-rinse shampoo and repeats the same method to distribute it through the hair. Finally, she applies some water again using the towel and then combs it to get the soap out.

Towards the end, McArthur also reveals how the air conditioning system in the space station assists to condensate the water from the towel and from the hair to put it back into the water recycling system.

After being shared online, the video has garnered over 39k views. Social media users also expressed their opinion in the comments section. Watch the video.

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