Model’s seething response to a photographer who told her to lose weight goes Viral on TikTok

A model has gone viral on TikTok after she unloaded a heated and cutting response to a photographer who told her she should lose weight.

The Belgian woman, who goes by @thewizardliz on TikTok, uploaded the video on Saturday, and it’s already received 18.5 million views.

In the video, the model is being filmed by a friend at her most recent photoshoot. The video’s text reads: “I was at my shoot today and the photographer told me not to eat until the next shoot so I would lose weight.”

Model's seething response to photographer who told her to lose weight. TikTok.
The Belgian model had only seething words for the photographer who told her ‘not to eat’ until her next shoot. (TikTok / @thewizardliz)

“You are very lucky that I am secure in my body, and that I love myself, but if there was another model who was standing here and was insecure about her body, that one comment that you made could literally make her go insane,” she responds firmly to the photographer in the clip.

“She would literally stop eating, weighing her food, her hair would fall out. Her organs can die. She can die, literally, because of that one comment that you made. You should watch how you talk to people.”

Captioning the video, “I have no words”, @thewizardliz wrote of the seriousness of eating disorders in the comments, saying they were “not a joke”.

In the video, she continued: “I shouldn’t lose anything, because I’m already very skinny, and even if I wasn’t, you’re not the one to tell me what to do with my body.”

The woman also posted the video to her Instagram, @thewizardlizz, where she informed her followers that the photographer had been let go by her clients that booked her. (TikTok / @thewizardlizz)

She then promptly told the photographer she would not continue with the photoshoot.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, @thelizardwiz said the photographer made the comments before the shoot had even begun.

“Before the shoot started, he made a comment saying that I would have [another] shoot in two weeks if I wanted to take the job, but it would be best if I didn’t eat so I would look skinnier in the pictures,” she told the Mail.

“I was in shock. I was quiet for a minute or something, just staring at him.”

The video has TikTokers up in arms, with hundreds supporting the woman’s bold speech.

“As someone who has been in recovery for seven years, thank you thank you thank you so much!” wrote one TikToker.

“I don’t understand why some photographers feel the need to make stupid comments about their models, my models are perfect the way they are!!!!” a photographer added.

“What a queen. People don’t realise that even the smallest comments can ruin someone’s life,” another user commented.

Posting the video to her Instagram, the woman thanked her new followers for their support, and also said the photographer had been fired by the clients who booked her.

“I am beyond shocked by all the love and support I received for this video. I really didn’t want to post it cause I felt like I might have reacted too harsh…but I am not doing this for me.

“I love my body and so should everyone. May all of you be blessed and get everything your heart desires. Thank you so much for validating my feelings and making me feel worthy,” she wrote in the post.

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