Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen’s Adopted Son, Benjamin, is growing in leaps and bounds

As seen in his latest social media photo, Andy Cohen’s adopted son, Benjamin, is growing in leaps and bounds. The little boy faced away from the camera in the image, but his whole body was visible.

On Wednesday, Andy Cohen, 53, took his son, Benjamin Allen Cohen, 2, to the “Watch What Happens Live” studios. The set is called the Bravo Clubhouse and features colorful paintings, books, and other knick-knacks.

On Thursday, Cohen took to his Instagram account to share an image of the toddler, showing how much the boy had grown. In the photo, little Benjamin kneeled on a chair as he pointed at something on the shelf.

In the post’s caption, Cohen revealed that Wednesday had been “Take Your Son To The Clubhouse Day!” The “Real Housewives” producer who’s been hosting his talk show since 2009 welcomed his only child in 2019 via surrogate.

The star might be enjoying the perks of being a new parent, but that meant his dating life had to take the back burner, as per his August 2021 confession.

The star told People that Benjamin’s arrival changed his dating life, and the stakes were “absolutely” higher now that he was a parent. He said he now had to be more considerate when choosing a partner.

He realized that his choices also affected his son, acknowledging that he had to consider things like whether the potential partner would make a good stepfather or not.

Parenting as a celebrity has also opened Cohen up to judgment from social media strangers. In early September, the star shared a screenshot of an Instagram direct message exchange between him and a troll.

In the exchange, the troll informed him that he needed to try and be a better person for Benjamin. This prompted the television personality to question what he’d done wrong.

In a bizarre response, the social media user acted surprised and confessed they were just trolling and didn’t expect the show host to respond! The person admitted Cohen was doing great as a parent and apologized.

The star then informed the troll that he was, indeed, a real person. In a shocking twist, the stranger advised Andy not to respond to trolls before the star clapped back by saying the person should not troll others.

When Cohen isn’t bonding with his son, he’s getting to know his best friend, Anderson Cooper’s child, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, 16-months-old. In an image shared by Cohen, he was seen making Wyatt laugh.

The little boy was photographed standing by a bin laughing at Cohen’s antics as he spoke to Cooper. The Bravo host revealed the interaction was for an October interview he and Cooper were doing.


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