Wayne Rooney’s Wife Vows To Save Marriage Amid Infidelity Rumors

Coleen Rooney, why of formed Manchester Uniter player, Wayne Rooney has literally taken the “till death do us part” part of her wedding vows seriously, as she decides to stick with hubby following cheating rumors.

According to Dailystar, the 35-year-old vowed to put her marriage first above all, as she intends to start moving forward and making more beautiful plans with her husband. This came after the football player was caught on camera in the company of a few women after pulling an all-nighter at an event.

The video also showed the athlete in a compromising position with an unknown woman as they seemed to lock lips while partying. The leaked photos and videos resulted in a widespread controversy online, as dans were disappointed with the player.

Luckily for Wayne, his wife is choosing to look past his shortcoming and focus on bettering their marriage.

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Why Fans Are Mad At Wayne Rooney

Wayne sparked online backlash from fans sometime last month when the controversial photos and videos went viral.

Apparently, the football manager was partying with three women, however, he was spotted getting cozy with only one of the women at Staycity hotel in Manchester.

One of the photos that surfaced online showed the Derby County manager passed out with three semi-unclad women hovering around him. Further reports confirmed that the footage was taken by a fan who happened to see the former football player walking two women, one of whom is believed to be model, Tayler Ryan, to their hotel rooms at 5:15 a.m.

Wayne Rooney Apologizes To His Family

Following the viral photos online, Wayne dedicated an apology to his wife, children, company, and fans at large through an interview with Sky Sports. The former striker took responsibility for his actions, noting that he wants to find a way to move past it immediately.


“I made a mistake. I went to a private party with two of my friends and from me, I’d like to apologize to my family and the club for the images which were going round and I want to move forward on this,” he said.

Despite his apology, fans speculated on his wife’s reactions, as they feared that the worst would happen between the couple who have been married since 2008. Fortunately, Coleen took time out to figure out her next steps and she arrived at forgiveness.

Choosing Her Marriage

Coleen recently announced her decision to continue fighting for her marriage and family following the July incident. A source revealed to OK! that the mom-of-four gave her hubby a condition for their marriage to work.

“Coleen has put her foot down and told Wayne it cannot happen again. She’s really laid the law down and has warned him he won’t get another chance. But saving her marriage and moving forward, the source disclosed.

Additionally, the source commented on how many social media users might perceive Coleen’s actions and decisions to fight for her marriage. However, the television presenter is choosing not to let her marriage go down the drain for this mistake.

Like she said; there’s no second chance.

One Happy Family

If the Waynes can decide to move on from this scandal, the  fans can too.

Despite the unwanted attention that family has faced in the past few weeks, Coleen has continued to put faith in her husband and sought his support in her ongoing court battle with James Vardy’s wife, Rebekah.

Rebekah slammed her co-football wife with a libel suit, claiming that Coleen falsely accused her on Instagram of leaking stories to the press. Initially, they were given till February 8, 2021, to come to a compromise, but from the looks of it, they would rather a judge had the final say.

Regardless of his mistakes, Wayne is an incredible father who dotes on his kids, and puts his family first before everything.

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