We Sampled Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms Cannabis — Here’s Our Review

At this point, what doesn’t Travis Scott do? Aside from being one of the world’s biggest rappers right now, he regularly produces site-crashing sneaker collaborations with Nike, has a clothing line, a middling hard seltzer brand, a McDonald’s meal… the dude knows how to stay busy. Somehow, amidst all of his various projects, Scott found the time to also quietly drop his first foray into the cannabis industry last month. The artist’s new brand, Cactus Farms, is made in partnership with California-based cultivator Connected Cannabis. So far, the line consists of a single hybrid strain, dubbed PYT Jack Flower, hand-selected by Scott himself and now sold at California dispensaries that carry Connected products as well as Harvest dispensaries in Arizona.

If you’re in the habit of regularly buying weed, you’ve no doubt heard about and have probably smoked strains from Connected before. Not only is it one of California’s best tasting and strongest weed brands on the market right now, but it’s also the priciest — with eighths hovering way too near $100 after taxes. That’s an expensive high for 3.5 grams of herb and those high prices plague Cactus Farms as well — so we set out to see whether or not the new drop is actually worth your cash.

Check our review, below!

PYT Jack Flower

Dane Rivera

Average Retail Price $80 (per eighth)

Strain: Hybrid

Terpene Profile: Not disclosed

THC: 29.56%

CBD: .07%

The High

Right off the bat, we’ve got to talk about this packaging. For $80 for an eighth, it isn’t too much to expect the weed to be packaged in a glass jar, which Cactus Farms is not. Instead, it comes wrapped in a resealable plastic bag. We’d give Connected and Travis Scott points for at least choosing a resealable bag… if the weed was $30. Because it’s packaged in a bag it does retain freshness in the same way a jar would. My weed was packaged on June 19th, 2021, and here I am smoking it nearly two months later — the buds have lost all stickiness. Another side effect of the bag is that once you’ve ripped open the seal, this stuff is going to stink up your room, no matter how hard you press on that reseal.

Cactus Farms’ labeling also leaves a lot to be desired. It offers no real information aside from THC percentage. No terpene profile, no expected effects, it doesn’t even tell you that the strain is a hybrid. When it comes to the packaging of Cactus Farms, this brand has taken one too many missteps, it’s not even a C effort, this is a straight-up F.

On to the weed…

Dane Rivera

Despite its lack of stickiness, the Jack Flower held up pretty well for being nearly two months old. The buds were frosty with deep green leaves with brilliant purple streaks tangled in wiry orange hairs. The smell had mixed notes of pine and sweet berries, with dense buds that broke easily in my grinder, turning to a perfect fluff. I smoked out of a Pax 3 vaporizer to really focus on the flavors and found that Jack Flower has a really pleasing taste to it. Those berry notes that tease themselves on the nose are prominent here, mixed with the sort of gassy funk you’d expect from an Indica-leaning hybrid.

The high also delivers, providing a radiating sense of calm that made me feel at peace and relaxed, without feeling totally blown out of my mind to the point of physical and mental debilitation. It’s definitely a weed strain geared towards chilling out with your friends or enjoying good music or a movie, rather than staying active, even though it doesn’t weigh you down. But while Jack Flower won’t force you to fight against couch lock, it’s not exactly something you can smoke without completely wearing “I’m stoned” on your face. After a single bowl, my eyelids were comically heavy — I spent the next few hours looking half asleep and blissfully unaware of anything.

The Bottom Line

Jack Flower provides a powerful high and an experience that is in line with other top-shelf cannabis brands in this price range. However, for this same price, you can pick up an equally powerful and flavorful weed that is packaged with a lot more care. If you absolutely must smoke Travis Scott’s weed, you won’t be disappointed. But if you’re a hard-core stoner looking for a strain to add to your regular rotation, this probably isn’t it.

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