Wealthy Khloe Kardashian slammed as ‘out of touch’ for claiming ‘money doesn’t solve problems’ in resurfaced interview

Wealthy Khloe Kardashian was slammed by fans as “out of touch” for claiming “money doesn’t solve problems” in a resurfaced interview.

Back in 2019, Khloe, 37, discussed money and the issues that come with wealth in Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose.


Khloe’s 2019 interview resurfaced on TikTokCredit: TikTok/kardashianicon
Fans. slammed Khloe's comments about money 'problems'


Fans. slammed Khloe’s comments about money ‘problems’Credit: TikTok/kardashianicon

The interview with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star resurfaced on TikTok

Khloe said: “I hate it when people say ‘What do you have to worry about? You have all this money.'”

After rolling her eyes, the reality star continued: “Oh so money means you don’t have problems? I don’t care who you are, problems are problems. 

“In your world, you might walk a day in my shoes and be like, ‘I don’t want those issues.'”

She added: “Or I might walk a day in your shoes and be like ‘Wow everything is beautiful.’

“You might see what I thought was a beauty as you’re not happy and satisfied with that.”

The KUWTK star concluded: “Those are all okay feelings. That’s why we each have our own lives.”


TikTok users jumped to the comments section to slam the TV star’s critiques. 

One TikTok user said: “Money means you don’t have problems? Yeah, you may have problems but you are able to pay for therapy, meds, etc. I am struggling rn and I can’t afford it.”

Another user stated: “I mean…money could solve all my issues but ok.”

A third person stated: “So easy for rich people to say that she has more options than a poor person does!”

A fourth critic wrote: “Yeah what problems does she have? She has more access to getting help than we do.”

Another commentator added: “Money means you don’t worry about money and meeting your basic needs. Rich girl problems are completely different than struggling to survive.”


Recently, the TV personality spoke about relationships in a new Instagram Story post after her split from “cheating” Tristan Thompson, 30.

She posted on social media and shared a cryptic text post that read: “Millions of people live their entire lives on default settings, never realizing they can customize almost anything.

“Don’t be one of them.”

The post continued: “Don’t just settle for the default settings. Don’t live the same day 3,000 times and call it a life.

“Dream. Attempt. Explore.

“Today is the beginning of anything you want.”


The former couple – parents to their daughter True, three, – split after months of rumors that the NBA player allegedly cheated with multiple women.

Khloe and Tristan have allegedly broken up back in June after he reportedly spent a wild night with three women.

He was allegedly seen heading into a bedroom during a Bel-Air party with three unknown women, only to emerge appearing “disheveled” half an hour later.

However, the alleged scandal is not the first time Tristan has been accused of cheating on the reality star.

Several months earlier, Tristan was hit with cheating rumors from 23-year-old model Sydney Chase.

While appearing on a podcast in May, the model claimed she had a sexual relationship with Tristan for several months after he allegedly lied about being single.

Tristan has denied the allegations and has labeled Sydney as a “liar.”

Fans mentioned they are 'struggling right now' with money


Fans mentioned they are ‘struggling right now’ with moneyCredit: TikTok/kardashianicon
Khloe, True, and Tristan pictured together


Khloe, True, and Tristan pictured togetherCredit: Instagram @khloekardashian
Khloe asked her followers not to 'live the same day'


Khloe asked her followers not to ‘live the same day’Credit: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

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