Wedding microphone catches best man’s cheeky comment during newlyweds’ first dance

A couple was determined to capture all the magic on their wedding day.

They put microphones on the tables to help record the reactions of friends and family at the reception.

But during their first dance, they picked up a cheeky comment from one of the groomsmen.

When the newlyweds watched back footage from their big day, they overheard one of the best men commenting on the groom’s physique.

In the clip, the wedding guest joked: “Spencer’s a*** looks so phat right now.”

The happy couple couldn’t contain their laughter when the comment was played aloud – so they shared the funny moment on TikTok.

On the @Huns.buns page, they captioned the video: “What happens when you leave the mic at the head table with the best men during your first dance.”

The clip has since garnered 1.4 million views and dozens of positive comments.

One commenter said: “You can never admire your husband as much as that man does. Congrats!”

A second laughed: “Best man trying to steal your man!”

And a third pointed out: “A true bromance.”

This isn’t the only wedding video to go viral recently.

Earlier this year, a pole dancer put on a performance at a wedding.

A clip of her twirling around in front of stunned guests went viral – with many outraged over it.

And back in July, a bride’s first dance with her groom ended in disaster as she was rushed to hospital.



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