Week 5 Veto Ceremony results

Big Brother 23The week 5 Veto Ceremony is now said and done within Big Brother 23 and yes, it’s every bit as hilarious as we could’ve hoped.

Let’s start with the facts of the week — Britini won the Power of Veto in Saturday’s competition and after that, chose to of course save herself at the ceremony today. Meanwhile, Christian is now officially the replacement nominee — either he or Sarah Beth will be evicted on Thursday night.

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As you would imagine, Christian is far from pleased with all of this. He feels betrayed by Derek X., especially since he could’ve nominated him last week. He recognizes that he is a threat, but is going to fight hard to get the votes to stay. He’s already done more campaigning than either Brent or Whitney did in their entire week combined leading up to their evictions, and he’s got Alyssa helping him.

Will this all work? Probably not. There are people who want Christian to stay, but the idea for now is to give Derek X. what he wants since eventually, Christian was going to have to go anyway. There will be another chance later to take out Sarah Beth, who is still very much a threat.

We should also point out now that Derek X. is done with the Lord of the Latrine punishment, which is by far one of the funniest punishments we’ve had over the course of the past few years. We’ll miss ye, dear lord…

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