‘Welcome To Plathville:’ Ethan & Olivia Talk About ‘Strain On Our Marriage’

Welcome to Plathville fans have been a part of many of the ups and downs Ethan and Olivia have faced in their marriage. Many fans have wondered whether the two will split or stay together. Throughout their new marriage, they have dealt with a lot of drama with Ethan’s family, particularly his mother Kim Plath. Some of these moments have been documented on the TLC show.

On social media, on the show, and in interviews, the couple has been open and honest about the work they are doing in their relationship. Olivia gets very vulnerable on social media and talks about her good days and bad days. But fans wonder if it will be enough.

Welcome to Plathville stars Ethan & Olivia get honest about marriage strain.

In a recent interview with Usthe pair talks about their marriage and the pressure that they are under as a young couple. Ethan said, “I would say definitely the stuff we had to sort through with my family really put a strain on our marriage.”

Olivia said, “The family strain and all that drama just kind of put pressure on us. In the early stages of when we were just getting to know each other.”

When did the family feud begin?

Olivia added that the drama began once Ethan popped the question. “When we were dating, I knew that I was being controlled in what we were allowed to do, what we’re allowed to say,” she explained. “I remember the night that it clicked for me was the night we got engaged. We come in the door, [Kim] waited up for us and she, like, grabbed my hand and looked at the ring. And the first thing she said was, ‘Oh, I want to trade rings with you.’ And I was like, ‘OK, that’s really weird.’”

Ethan said that his mom treated the wedding like it was her own. She wanted to begin planning the nuptials the morning after the couple got engaged.

Olivia explained, “And that was the moment where I was like, ‘I don’t want to be controlled like this.’ I never got to tell my mom that I was engaged before [Kim] posted it online. That’s how my mom found out.”

Olivia added, “It was just, like, a pattern that she tried to make a lot of decisions for me. And I was fresh out of my parents’ house and figuring out who I was, and I didn’t want decisions made for me. The wedding was where a lot of that culminated, but it was just across the board. … That created a whole bunch of tension.”

Will the Welcome to Plathville family come back together?

The couple is focusing on their marriage. It’s possible they will reconnect with Ethan’s parents sometime in the future, but for now, they are excited about what’s next for the two of them.

Olivia said, “I want to move on, and if I ever change my mind in the future and I want a relationship with them, I’ll let them know. But for right now, I’m just excited to move and go live with Ethan and figure out who I am and what I want in my life. … If they ever came to us and apologized … then I’d revisit it. But right now I think we’re both happy to move on.”

So, what do you think will happen with Ethan and Olivia Plath’s marriage? Are you watching everything unfold on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville? Let us know in the comments below.

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