‘Welcome to Plathville’: Lydia Plath’s Secret Crush

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers indicate that Kim Plath was talking about how Lydia is the next in line to be the Plath that is up and out of the house and it looks like she is not wrong, because unlike last season, where she was completely submissive to Kim and Barry’s idea that she was too young to pursue any type of feelings that she may have about a boy, this season we’re seeing a decidedly different side of Lydia.

She even said in her confessional that she wasn’t going to stand back and do nothing, which is a surprise coming from someone who grew up in such a conservative circle, but sometimes a girl must do what a girl must do.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Lydia’s crush

So Lydia has taken to her prayer closet to pray about this one person that she has feelings for. We still haven’t gotten a name, but Lydia seems slightly more open to talking about them now. She said that their families met at a faith-based conference back in 2018, that would be around the time that Ethan and Olivia were probably still dating and around the time that Hosanna got married, so a lot of things were going on around that time.

Lydia said that when she got her phone a few months ago (apparently Kim and Barry finally let up and let her have a cell phone, OMG!) that was when she received the text from the infamous boy.

The last we had heard from Moriah, this boy was dating someone else, but I’m guessing that… situationship (I won’t dare to call it a courtship, that’s a serious term in these circles!) fell through for him to be texting her.

You kind of wonder what happened and who this guy even is, we’re going to assume he’s someone that is probably linked to the Christian music industry, because that’s what the Plaths did before their TV debut, they were a family band and they would play a lot of these conferences and things, but then the pandemic happened and those types of gatherings aren’t such a thing anymore – at least not right now.

So it looks like whether Kim and Barry want it to, life is moving forward for Lydia, albeit it at a much slower pace than she would probably like. Still, however, it is movement and she’s slowly making her way towards the life that she wants – hopefully. We’ll see where this crush leads. Stay tuned!!!

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