‘Welcome to Plathville’ Returns for a New Season, Get an Exclusive Preview of Ethan and Micah’s Bonding

Micah and Ethan Plath are working out the tough times in their family quite literally. Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesday, Aug. 17, pop culture has an exclusive sneak peek of what exactly happens when the older Plath sons try to channel some of the tension in their lives into a workout.

Now 20 and continuing with his dream of modeling, Micah makes sure to be there for his brother, 23, as he and his wife Olivia try to navigate married life after cutting ties with parents Kim and Barry Plath. “I know Ethan’s going through a lot right now,” Micah tells the camera. “For me, exercise and working out really helps me get rid of stress or anger or anything. I feel like it could really help Ethan too.”

Getting together with his brother to get a sweat in, it’s clear Ethan isn’t a regular at his gym, asking when told to do jump squats, “Is that a real thing, or are you pulling my leg?” Micah answers incredulously, “That’s a real thing,” to which Ethan responds, “I don’t know!”

Despite his comments that he feels “like a frog” jumping around on the deck with his brother, it’s clear Ethan appreciates the time with his little brother. “I like hanging out with Micah. He’s a lot of fun to be around,” he tells the camera. “Whenever we get together, it absolutely feels like old times. It’s really nice to have somebody like that in your life.”

Encouraged to do one more set of push-ups, Ethan puts his foot down, saying he’s not doing any more reps before running away from his determined pseudo-personal trainer of a brother. The chase is on, but once they get into the woods, it’s game over, as Micah shouts at his brother, “Dang, how fast are you in the woods?” Ethan answers, “Like a wildcat!” as he swings back around and runs into the house, closing the door on his brother.

Will the Plath family be able to come together like old times after the household splintered last season? TLC teases that this season, “the older kids are still on their own journey to self-discovery, but while some Plaths want to make amends with their parents and continue to see their siblings, that’s not the case for everyone. As a result, tensions continue to rise, marriages are tested, and new love is blossoming in this all-new season.” Welcome to Plathville returns for a brand new season Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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