‘Welcome To Plathville’ Spoilers: Olivia Plath Opens Up About Her Miscarriage Woes

On TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, we have learned a lot about Olivia Plath since the show began. She is married to the oldest Plath son, Ethan Plath, and his family views her as a black sheep in their family. They do not approve of pretty much anything she does or says, but now she is starting to open up more about herself and some of her woes. One of these woes is the miscarriage that she had not so long ago.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Opens Up

Ethan and Olivia got married in October of 2018 and in the new episode of the show, she explained that her miscarriage was “a little while back.”

Welcome to Plathville: Miscarriage Woes

She then went on to tell cameras, “I know the topic of miscarriage is something that’s like, super personal and affects a lot of people and people feel very differently. But I also think there’s a stigma around it and there’s not a lot of freedom to talk about it. I know when I went through a miscarriage, I felt really alone because I was glad. And I felt like I was wrong for feeling that way and I wish I’d had more people to talk to who could’ve been a sounding board or who could’ve had a different perspective, maybe than what I was raised with.”

Being raised in a house where just the mention of sex was taboo was very hard for Olivia. She has tried to talk to her close friends about the miscarriage, but most of them also grew up in a Christian fundamentalist house where sex wasn’t talked about.

When Olivia wanted to share with her sister-in-law, Moriah Plath, it was hard to do so, but Moriah chatted with her. She told her, “Growing up in the conservative circle, you’re kind of just taught that like, it’s a terrible thing. And it’slike, you just don’t dot it- you don’t sleep with somebody.”

Olivia has told Moriah that she would like kids at some point, but she feels that right now is not the right time. She feels that she and Ethan aren’t quite ready, but she does feel like they will be soon enough. She did say that when she had the miscarriage, her husband seemed just as relieved as she was.

Everyone deals with miscarriage differently and Olivia is still working out how to deal with hers. You can keep up with her and the Plaths on Welcome to Plathville on TLC.

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