Wendy Williams’ Health Scare Triggers Fears She’s ‘Teetering On The Edge’?

Is Wendy Williams headed towards another emotional and physical crisis? According to one magazine, the talk show host is “teetering on the edge,” causing her to miss her show’s season premiere. So what’s causing Williams’ health issues? Gossip Cop investigates the narrative. 

Wendy Williams On The Verge Of Another Breakdown?

According to Globe, Wendy Williams is in grave danger of another health crisis if she doesn’t get her act together. An unnamed insider close to the talk show host says Williams “hasn’t been taking care of herself, and it shows.” The same source leaks Williams has been “starving herself to get thin” and “sending rambling texts to people that make no sense.” So what’s the reason for these destructive actions?

Apparently, Williams has been caught up “over things she has no control over in her personal and professional life.” The insider close to Williams believes she’s “still obsessed with her ex,” Kevin Hunter. Williams and Hunter went through a lot of drama during their divorce, and it’s seemingly still causing tension in Williams’ life. According to the source, Williams needs to get healthy soon as friends fear “she’s on a one-way trip to the ER.” 

‘Troubled’ Wendy Williams ‘On The Brink Again?’

Recently, Wendy Williams has been dealing with some rather serious health issues, which prevented her from working. The television personality contracted the coronavirus and has been dealing with the effects for several weeks. Also, Williams was also taken to the hospital for “psychiatric services” earlier in the week. Technically, Globe is correct when it says Williams is dealing with health issues. However, the tabloid spends a lot of its time shaming Williams for being a recovering addict, which is low. 

Fortunately, Williams is recovering quickly and now says she’s ready to get back to work. A source close to Williams’ show assured fans that “Wendy is on the mend and doing well” and “will return on October 4.” Williams’ brother also feels confident she’s making a solid recovery, remarking he has “faith that Wendy’s going to make it.” 

A Similar Pattern For The Tabloid

It appears as if the tabloid has no problem shaming Wendy Williams for her past and creating bogus stories because of it. In 2020, the Globe alleged Williams had a stroke on-air and described her as a “recovering boozer and cocaine junkie.” The language was offensive, and the story was flat-out wrong. 

In August, the same magazine also claimed Williams was “desperate to fill the void left by divorce” and was heading towards rock bottom. The narrative also revealed that Williams’ friends feared she was “totally out of control” and that she needed “to take a break.” Once again, the familiar narrative was completely bogus and based nothing other than the word of unreliable sources. 


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