‘Wentworth’ Season 9 Netflix Release Date: What To Expect, When

Good news is here for fans of the Australian prison drama Wentworth. We are pleased to announce that the popular prison drama series is set to return for a final season on Netflix. Read on to find out more about Season of Wentworth, what you can expect and when the final season will drop on the streaming channel.

Season 9 of the prison drama Wentworth

Wentworth is a prison drama that originates from Australia and is a reboot of another brutal 1980s series titled Prisoner. The original synopsis saw Bea Smith locked up while awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband. Smith now had to learn how life works in prison, something she has never experienced before.

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The prison drama series first premiered in 2013 and immediately became a contender against other prison dramas. This, of course, included the Netflix Original show Orange is the New Black. Over the last eight seasons, creators have not been hesitant in pushing the series’ characters through the awful ordeal.

Meanwhile, the last season ended with many dangling threads to pick up in the new and final season. In Season 8, which is streaming on Netflix now, fans saw a new leader take over. On top of this, some characters from the original 1980s series will be returning to Wentworth.

The final 10 episodes were aired on Fox Showcase in Australia from August 24 and were deemed to be Season 8 part 2. However, according to What’s On Netflix, as it was as long as a full season, it is easier to refer to it as Season 9 to make things a little easier.

Who stars in the Netflix series?

Among the top starring cast, Kate Atkinson stars as Vera Bennett, while Katrina Milosevic plays Sue “Boomer” Jenkins. Robbie Magasiva is in the role of Will Jackson, while Jacqueline Brennan plays Linda Miles.

Meanwhile, Celia Ireland plays Liz Birdsworth, Pamela Rabe is in the role of Joan Ferguson and Kate Jenkinson plays Allie Novak. Officer Peta Webb is played by actress Lucia Brancatisano, and Bernard Curry plays Jake Stewart. The role of Franky Doyle is played by Nicole da Silva, while Shareena Clanton plays Doreen Anderson. Moreover, Daniel Cormack stars as Bea Smith and Tammy Macintosh is in the role of Kaz Proctor. Readers can see the full cast lineup on the IMDb page for Wentworth.

When will Season 9 of Wentworth premiere on Netflix US?

Like many other shows and movies, the ongoing pandemic delayed the filming of the Netflix drama series. However, among other series and films, the prison drama is on the Netflix Queue list for October.

In fact, the streaming channel has officially confirmed that all 10 episodes of Season 9 will drop on Netflix US on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

Readers, are you looking forward to bingeing the final season of Wentworth? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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