What Are “Hair Horns” on TikTok? Here’s How You Can Make Them

Luckily, this trend isn’t difficult to understand. “Hair horns” are basically what they sound like. The user cuts two small portions of their hair and flips them upward so they look like horns on the top of their head. To hold them in place, the person uses something like gel or mousse. (But don’t confuse this with that filter that makes the sides of your forehead pointy.)

One TikToker named @bloodypinecone made her “hair horns” this way and showed the method in a video. Then, to get them to stay up, she “twisted them forward” and then used a rounded flat iron to help the “horns” keep their shape. She also said that she chose to cut from the lower layers of her hair so she could hide the new additions whenever she wanted to. Other users also used gel to make the ends pointy.

But regardless of how you cut your hair, hair horns are pretty easy to do whether you do them yourself or you want to spend the money to go to a pro. It seems like there’s almost no bad way to make them, as long as they look right to you. Most users have kept their horns pretty small, but YouTuber Bretman Rock made his with a little extra volume.

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