What Are The Terms Of Michael Strahan’s Contract With ABC News?

If you like to watch Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America,” then you’ll surely be thrilled to find out that on September 22, Variety reported that he had signed a contract with ABC News to stay with the popular morning show. That means that along with his fellow “GMA” hosts, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, Strahan will be sticking around as a co-anchor.

While the amount that Strahan will be paid hasn’t been made public (yet?) and neither ABC News nor the star himself has commented on the fact that a new deal was inked, Variety did note that the network managed to lock down the host for four more years. Managing to get Strahan to agree to four additional years is an arguably impressive feat on the part of the network. While that might not seem like the longest amount of time, it’s practically an eternity when it comes to the entertainment industry, and Strahan is clearly still at the top of his game. That likely means that he’ll be making a pretty decent salary and was possibly offered some amazing perks.

Granted, Strahan may just want to make sure his job is secure considering the bumpy road he faced in the past.


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