What Chris Rock Did Immediately After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Chris Rock is now one of the many celebs that has come forward about contracting COVID-19. Rock made the announcement on his Twitter on September 19 and implied that his symptoms are severe, per Page Six. “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this,” Rock tweeted. “Get vaccinated.” Rock announced he received the COVID-19 vaccine while appearing on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in May. He joked about skipping the vaccine line and humorously called himself “Two-Shots Rock” before clarifying he received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only requires one shot, per The Guardian.

“You know, I skipped the line,” Rock jokingly told host Jimmy Fallon. “I didn’t care. I used my celebrity, Jimmy. I was like, ‘Step aside, Betty White, I did ‘Pootie Tang.’ Step aside, old people.'”

This sad revelation comes after Rock’s surprise appearance with Rosie Perez at ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference in May, urging people to take the pandemic seriously, practice social distancing, wear their masks, and take other measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Rock pledged to take part in public service campaigns to curb the coronavirus pandemic and help people become more informed about what to do, per Reuters. “It’s sad that our health has become, you know, a sort of political issue,” Rock proclaimed. “It’s a status symbol, almost, to not wear a mask.” We hope Rock will get well very soon!


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