What Did Gregg Leakes Do for a Living? What Nene Leakes’ Husband Did

Gregg and Nene’s relationship was a central part of both of their lives. The couple was first married in 1997 but were divorced in 2011. The couple ultimately remarried in 2013, and the show chronicled their reunion as well as Nene’s second walk down the aisle.

Gregg and Nene also have one son, Brent, together, as well as children that they both have from previous relationships.

Gregg’s cancer battle was depicted on The Real Housewives of Atlanta through early last year, but his condition eventually became severe enough that he had to step away from the show entirely. Prior to his death, Nene reportedly told patrons at her bar in Georgia that her husband was moving on.

“Sometimes you don’t know what people are dealing with and what people are going through, okay?” she said during the appearance.

“My husband is not going to be here in the next couple of days, okay?” she continued.

Nene’s awareness of her husband’s condition likely didn’t lessen the blow of his loss. Nene has been radio silent on social media since the news of Gregg’s death was announced. When she does return, though, she will still be working through her grief.

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