Million Little Things season 4: What do we expect in first promo?

We are expecting a lot of interesting footage in a first look at A Million Little Things season 4 — but what should we expect in particular? What is there to be excited and/or concerned about?

Knowing that this is an ensemble show, it’s fair to imagine that we’ll see a little bit of everything from the main cast. Is that exciting? Absolutely, but we also have a feeling that most of the first promo will revolve around Gary. It almost has to.

At the end of the season 3 finale, you could feel his rage as he went over to the music teacher’s home, intent on getting revenge his own way after what happened to Sophie. It’s clearly something that he planned, given that he set himself up an alibi in advance. Is the teacher dead? Does Gary do something else to him? What sort of consequences could he face? Some of this will likely be teased throughout however long this promo is.

Beyond just Gary, though, we do want to see some happiness elsewhere — and a lot of that starts with Rome and Regina. The two had an extremely tough season 3 as they experienced a lot of loss and hardship. This would be a good opportunity to see some of this start to move in another direction.

Meanwhile, we’re a promo will give us at least a small tease of the future for Eddie and Katherine separately — there are a lot of ways their stories could go, but we don’t think a preview will give you all that much, save for a little bit of drama.

Remember that when season 4 does premiere, it will be doing so Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern — the same spot the show had for the end of season 3.

What do you most want to see when it comes to A Million Little Things season 4?

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