What does Drake’s Certified Lover Boy R-Kelly credit song ‘TSU’ stand for?

CERTIFIED Lover Boy is Drake’s newest album that was released on September 3, 2021.

Following the release of the 21 song album, Drake as made both good and bad headlines.


Certified Lover Boy is Drake’s sixth albumCredit: Instagram / @Drake

What does Drake’s Certified Lover Boy R-Kelly credit song ‘TSU’ stand for?

One of Drake’s newest songs includes TSU and while Urban Dictionary defines the term as “Tear S*** Up,” that’s not what drake had in mind.

After going through the lyrics, it seems that Drake’s TSU stands for Texas Southern University and the “TSU ladies” could be in reference to the female students at the school.

Despite the popularity of the song, fans became outraged when they found out that the disgraced singer R. Kelly was credited to the song as the controversial move comes while Kelly is currently standing trial in New York on child sex abuse charges.

One Twitter user wrote: “R. Kelly, while currently on trial for sexual abuse of countless Black women and girls, is going to be making money off the most anticipated album of the year thanks to Drake giving him a songwriting credit on #CertifiedLoverBoy And that’s why both #CLB and #DONDA are trash.”

Why did R. Kelly get a credit on CLB?

Kelly’s credit is due to song publishing rights as TSU samples his 1998 single “Half on a Baby.”

In order to use the samples from Kelly’s song, Drake had to acquire legal permission as well as give him songwriting royalties. 

Justin Timberlake is also credited on the new album because Drake uses NSYNC’s version of Christopher Cross’s “Sailing.”

Prior to his legal battles, Kelly’s songs were frequently sampled by other artists including:

“It just speaks to his genius and the demand for his work. I mean, he’s a literary genius, it doesn’t surprise me,” Kelly’s attorney Devereaux Cannick said of the credit. “I don’t think it’s that much about the money, I think the public and other artists want his participation. I’m sure he’s totally unaware of it because he’s consumed right now but I will share with him.”

CLB has caused controversy following R. Kelly's credit on Drake's song TSU


CLB has caused controversy following R. Kelly’s credit on Drake’s song TSUCredit: Getty – Contributor

Did Certified Lover Boy break Apple Music records?

While controversy surrounds TSU, the rest of the album continues to break records.

Following the release of Drake’s sixth album, his songs “Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby),” “Champagne Poetry,” and “Fair Trade” (feat. Travis Scott) all broke Apple Music’s one-day song streaming records.

Billboard also reported that CLB also broke Apple Music’s all-time album streaming record in a 24-hour period and “helped Drake become the the service’s most-streamed artist in a day for 2021.”

The company also reported that CLB also broke Spotify records by becoming the most-streamed album in a single day.

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