What does The Magician tarot card mean?

TAROT card readings are exercised to gain insight into someone’s past, present, or future.

Drawing The Magician card is a positive indicator but you are going to want to apply it accurately.



The Magician card, numbered One, associates with the planet Mercury

What does The Magician tarot card mean?

According to Biddy Tarot, The Magician tarot card indicates “manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action.”

The reversed meaning would point towards “manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents.”

Planets also play a part in tarot cards. It helps those get to know their energies and the person they are. The Magician card, which is numbered One, is associated with planet Mercury.

The Magician is portrayed on the card with his arm outstretched, pointing towards the universe. His other arm is pointing the opposite direction, meaning it’s directing itself to the Earth.

According to the outlet, he is the channel that tranforms energy into manner.

The Magician is dressed in a white robe and a red cloak. The white symbolizes purity while the red is meant to portray knowledge.

In front of The Magician, there are four tarot symbols– a cup, pentacle, sword and wand– each representing an element– water, earth or fire.

An infinity symbol is fixated above his head. On his waist, the Magician fashions a snake biting its own tail which signifies unlimited potential.

Show up with a question that is less restrictive to invite a richer conversation


Show up with a question that is less restrictive to invite a richer conversationCredit: Getty

How can you get the most out of your tarot card reading?

It is recommended that you approach your tarot card reading with an open mind and as a way of getting to know yourself better, TODAY reports.

Try these helpful tips:

1. Present an open-ended question 

If you show up with a yes-no question, you can often “stump the reading” according to Ashley Collom, a tarot card reader in Texas said.

She recommends showing up with a question that is less restrictive to invite a richer conversation.

2. You can change the outcome of your reading if you don’t like it 

“Tarot doesn’t have any power over you,” Marguerite Gioia Insolia, a Los Angeles reader, reports.

She said: “The reading is a timestamp of what’s going on energetically around you, your circumstances and what you’re asking about.”

“People might walk out thinking they have no power or agency over these events in my life, but that’s never true. You always have the ability to change how things are going to happen.”

3. Find a reader you like because they are all very different

It’s important to find a reader that matches your energy and purpose, as the reading is so much about trust.

Collom said: “There’s no one way to read tarot.

“Be willing to take someone’s lead. The reader has a strategy.

4. No need to hold back

It is recommended to be forthcoming during your reading.

Collom said: “There’s an element of people feeling like they need to be mystic or esoteric about the process, and if we could just get into the nitty-gritty faster — ‘This is what I want to know, this is why I want to know it and this is what I’m feeling’ — we can dig into it much faster.

“It’s much more effective to have and communicate clear takeaways you want out of the reading.”

5. Steer clear from time-related questions

It may be hard for a reader to have answers to when a particular event may occur. Additionally, time frames may make you “feel stressed out or claustrophobic.”

“Time is tricky because time is a social construct,” Collom said. “There are ways to tell or give people hints about time, (and) there are certain suits that correlate to certain times, but I’m always hesitant to give people time frames just because it is such an ephemeral thing.”

6. Tarot cards oftentimes validate what you know or already feel

Insolia said: “For a lot of us, we already know the answers to a lot of our questions.

“But what tarot can do is give you this beautiful affirmation to build confidence in yourself, to build intuition, to start trusting yourself. And sometimes that’s all we need.”

7. Don’t fret if you get a death or devil card

Don’t get anxious if you draw a death or devil card, it usually signifies temptations or changes.

Insolia said: “The death card can be about physical death, sure, but that’s so, so, so rare.”

“It’s really about transformation…It’s that there’s a transformation happening and there’s going to be renewal on the other side.”

“Any place in your life where you know you need to break that pattern and you’re not. “It’s more of a reminder of you being more authentic and true to yourself.”

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