What Exactly Does ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Blake Moynes Do?

Since Blake Moynes won Katie Thurston’s heart on The Bachelorette, fans are wanting to learn more about him. For example, what is Blake’s career? Blake has said he’s a wildlife manager. His passion for conservation and animals is obvious. However, many wonder exactly what a wildlife manager does.

What does Blake Moynes do as a wildlife manager?

Life & Style shared a look into Blake’s wildlife manager career. When researching wildlife management positions online it is noted that in Canada they roughly make anywhere from $48,000 on the lower end all the way up to six figures. When Blake was studying he took every wildlife management course he could find. Blake loves being outdoors and spends a lot of time doing so.

According to learn.org, wildlife managers “focus on the management of various kinds of species in a given ecosystem. Management of these species may include risk management, data tracking and care.” The site also says these jobs can focus on preserving and protecting environments for local animal or plant species. Plus, as  wildlife management professionals,  workers can find opportunities with independent conservation organizations or local, state or federal government agencies.

This can include many areas including, conservation scientist, parks manager, wildlife biologist, forester or gamekeeper.

On Blake’s website,  Mowgli Moynes, he notes that he feels it necessary to put his love for wildlife to good use. He said, “As a professional in the field of urban wildlife management for the past several years, the time has come to expand my horizons. It would be a complete waste for me not to utilize my innate passion and empathy towards protecting our wildlife. In saying that, I felt compelled to travel to Africa, where I saw first-hand the devastation and repercussions of the illegal wildlife trade and poaching crisis on Rhinos. Since then, I have been transitioning to work with organizations, professionals and advocates that have dedicated themselves to the preservation of endangered species.”

Blake recently mentioned traveling back to Africa for work once filming was complete for The Bachelorette. 

What is his net worth?

According to media outlets, Blake Moynes has an estimated net worth of around $200,000 to $500,000. No doubt his appearances on The Bachelorette helped contribute to his speculated net worth.

Overall Blake is very serious about making a difference. He said, “My mission is to do my part by whatever means necessary to make a difference. To bring awareness, to educate and to support the conservation organizations, people and initiatives that risk their lives every day for the voiceless, the animals that deserve to be here more than we do.”

Fans can purchase Blake’s merchandise on his website. Each purchase helps to slowly change the world. Blake also supports Soldiers For Wildlife. He also volunteers with a different endangered species every year.

Way to go Blake!

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