What Food Did Prince Harry Try For The First Time While In New York?

Prince Harry is extremely well traveled, and one would think that the Duke of Sussex has had an opportunity to eat just about everything over the course of his life, but there’s one thing that he had never had before his trip to Melba’s in Harlem on September 24 — and that’s chicken and waffles, according to Page Six. “Harry said it was the first time he’d ever tried chicken and waffles and remarked it was delicious,” a source told the outlet. According to the Melba’s website, the southern fried chicken and eggnog waffles entree actually won “Throwdown!” with Bobby Flay. The dish is served with strawberry butter and maple syrup.

The eatery was established in 2005, and has become “the premier comfort food destination in New York City,” according to its website. So, how did Harry and Meghan Markle hear about this place? “Word of mouth,” the owner of the restaurant, Melba Wilson, told Page Six. Wilson met with the duke and duchess and told Page Six that they were “shedding a light in our community of Harlem during a tough time.” 


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